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As Calculator Wheels are extremely versatile they are used by a wide array of industries as functional tools and so are often printed having a company logo and used like a Promotional Gift. Very popular within the medical industry are applications for example BMI Calculator Wheels, for measuring Body Mass Index, Body Shape Calculators, ECG Rules and Pregnancy Date Wheels which show the different key stages of being pregnant to assist the caretaker to be. The BMI Calculator can be adapted for measuring the Body Mass Index of kids by taking into consideration their age along with their weight and height.

In the construction and engineering industries the Calculator Wheels are used for calculating the quantities of various products for example floor and wall tiles. As well as with all the wheels for converting units of measurement such as weights, lengths and areas, there are many types of sliding scales which have one set of measurements on an outer sleeve and another set with a sliding panel which moves inside the outer sleeve to line up the units being converted. Some of the calculators and conversion wheels and sliders can be extremely complex and industry specific, typical uses would be in the air conditioning and ventilation field or perhaps the complex area of machine tool design and manufacture.

You should be given a replica of the cube sheet when you invest in an estimate from each company. If you are not you then want to be sure and request one. One other important things to understand is different companies have different methods they use for estimating their price so you always desire to be sure and enquire of about this.

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